In many cases teeth are weakened, or because of cosmetic concerns require crowns for restoration. Newer technology allows crowns to be made and inserted in one appointment. Previously traditional crowns made of gold, or porcelain fused to metal required at least an additional appointment. In such cases a dental laboratory fabricated the crowns from impressions. Cerec restorations are made from intra oral scans or pictures, which are then designed on a computer, milled and cemented in the office. These restorations are color selected in the office and Dr. Smith stains them to match your existing teeth or made to your cosmetic desires.

One appointment in many cases eliminates impressions, temporary caps, and multiple appointments returning them to a laboratory for proper fit, contour or shading. Also, the latest materials are extremely strong and resistant to fracture. This means crowns now can be made in one appointment, are very cosmetic and will last a long time.