In some cases teeth become very tender from decay, accidents, or other trauma and require root canal fillings. These teeth have usually died. They usually become sensitive to hot, cold or pressure and may have a bump on your gum caused by infection. In such cases a root canal filling may be indicated.

The teeth are anesthetized similar to having a tooth filled, isolated with a thin rubber mask to prevent you from having debris or medications from entering your mouth. A small opening is made into the pulp chamber of the tooth which has been numbed. Then the internal portion of the tooth is cleaned, disinfected and shaped. A biologically compatible material usually gutta-percha is used with a cement to seal the tooth. Once the tooth is sealed, a filling or post and filling is placed in the tooth and a final filling or crown is placed on the tooth.

Dr. Smith uses newer technology such as ultrasonic preparation, and files to perform Root Canal fillings. It is recommended that most posterior teeth are protected from fracture with crowns.