In today’s society good health is a recognized concern. Oral hygiene is a regular health program of brushing and flossing the teeth along with cleaning and examinations by a hygienist and dentist. It is the norm to be seen twice a year; however, this is often modified by a patient’s individual needs.

In some cases periodontal therapy may be necessary. Periodontal therapy can be of a maintenance nature, non-surgical, or surgical. Dr. Smith prefers to utilize non-surgical root planing and laser techniques whenever possible. This would include proper examination, diagnosis, oral hygiene instructions (brushing and flossing, electric sonic toothbrushes, plaque control and selective tooth paste) as well as hand scaling.

In our office newer technology includes the use of Ultrasonic cleaning, air brush polishing and lasers. Lasers can be used to aid the painless healing of canker sores and cold sores without anesthetics.

If more extensive procedures are necessary sometimes a specialist will be recommended.